Wilksch Airmotive is a company based at Staverton Airport in Gloucester, England (United Kingdom) that specialises in designing, engineering, building and developing sensible and workable lightweight aero diesel engines for use in light aircraft burning Jet A1.

The first flight of the 3-cylinder engine was on 31st December 1999, and there have been over 20 flying examples, together accruing thousands of flight hours, including one currently approaching the 1000 Hour mark.

A more recent development is the 4-cylinder engine, which produces 167HP in its initial specification.

The WAM compression ignition engines all offer class leading power to weight ratios, beating even Avgas based equivalents, and have a number of unique benefits designed specifically for the needs of the aircraft market.

This video explains and shows the unique design aspects of our engines and gives you an insight into our factory and the facilities we have available.

Latest News

WAM Engined Aircraft Flies From France to Zandspruit, South Africa

Two Frenchmen, Philippe and his son Mathieu Berjaud undertook a flight from France to Zandspruit during November and December 2013. The flight took 82 hours to complete and spanned several countries along the West coast of Africa.

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The web page can be viewed here: The Flying Frenchmen