Current Development Status Nov 2010

It has previously been identified that the original WAM-100/120 design had a number of limitations. These were planned to be addressed by a number of design changes, targeted at increased performance, cost and durability. The 'new' or 2nd generation engine development continues steadily, if at a slower pace than desired due to the ongoing supply chain limitations.There are however the following key milestones that have been achieved -

• Successful testing of conventional rod and little end pin.
• New cylinder head with 2nd gen combustion chambers – awaiting parts .
• Clear test results that demonstrate that pre-combustion chambers giving improvements in power, SFC and noise meeting or exceeding expectations
• About to start endurance testing of long stroke / big bore engine, at 125hp. Initially to ASTM F 2538 criteria.
• Positive indication for durability of new pre-combustion chamber design.

Current Product Status

The WAM-120 continues in low volume limited production for the kit build market. This provides valuable operationalfeedback towards the ongoing refinement of the design.WAM-100 LSA engines are also able to be manufactured.