December 2001

Vans Aircraft Corp assist WAM with RV-9a installation.

December 2001

Wilksch Airmotive is featured over several pages and the cover of the PFA's "Popular Flying".   Read about the Company, the product and the WAM team thanks to Nigel Hitchman's words. See Ed Hick's fabulous pictures of WAM powered Europa G-WWWG.

Getting hold of a copy is easy - just join the Popular Flying Association. (It's great value and you get a discount on the Rally entry!)

November 2001

Thorp T211  -  Three customers have now committed to WAM-120 engines and are cost sharing the installation with WAM.   The engine mount frame is now in manufacture.

October 2001

25 Oct 2001  -  Photo Shoot with Ed Hicks  Report from test pilot John Brownlow

5-9 Oct 2001  -  Cooling development tests   Report from test pilot John Brownlow

September 2001

- A JAR-22H test was completed on Friday 14th September at 100HP rating

- Testing is continuing beyond the minimum 50 hours specified in JAR-22H.

- Engine removed from test bed after 104 hours accumulated on piston/cylinder set.

August 2001

- 23 JAR-22H test recommenced.

- 20 August Test stopped due to coolant leak.

- 16 JAR-22H test commenced at 100HP rating.

July 2001

The leading Dijon based kit plane company DynAero has become the latest Development Partner to work with Wilksch Airmotive. A CITEC installation will be developed for the exciting MCR-4S four seat aircraft.  The first engine destined for an MCR was booked by a customer at the RSA Rally at Chambley.

See Press Releases for further details.

June 2001

- 9 June - further flight test results Report on from test pilot John Brownlow

March / April 2001

- 2 March - 120HP target exceed on test bed.

- April - 130HP exceed on test bed.

January / February

- 2-9 January Flight Test Results Report from test pilot John BrownlowPictures 8-9 January Flights

- 18 January - Engine removed from G-WWWG due to coolant leak

- 25 January - Test bed results, cruise SFC 280gm/kWhr ( 0.46lb/HPhr)

- 20 February    JAR-22H test commenced at 100HP rating