15 October 2003

WAM-120 powered Thorp demonstrates 400ft/min climb at FL140. High altitude restarts achieved without problems.

10 July 2003

First CI-Log Cockpit Module fitted to Thorp aircraft.

3 July 2003

Feature article on the WAM-120 in Thorp T211 published in August issue of "FLYER". Mark Hales gives a first hand account of WAM-120 operation and performance. Miles McCallum takes a look inside the WAM-120.

16 June 2003

12 hours flying completed.  Engine removed from G-TZII to fix coolant pump leak and fit new balance weights and minor mods to engine mount.

13 May 2003

First flight of Thorp T211 G-TZII from Cranfield airfield.

4 April 2003

Thorp G-TZII has completed taxi trials and awaits PFA Permit to Test. Ground runs indicate good margins on oil and coolant temperatures.

14 February 2003

A  production version WAM-120 completed the standard 50 hour JAR-22H test. A complete post test engine strip showed the engine to be in excellent condition. This will allow hours building with the Thorp T211 aircraft at 110HP rating while bench testing at 120HP proceeds.  Europa G-WWWG will also be converted to a 110HP production engine. Wilksch Airmotive can now claim to match or exceed the power/weight ration of existing air cooled Avgas aircraft engines.

January 2003

First aircraft with a production WAM-120 is now undergoing shake-down trials at Cranfield. The PFA are considering the modifications and we expect a "Permit to Test" to be issued shortly.